Jay Morales

Jay Morales is an alias to Jorge Morales. His musical story starts in small town in Colombia. The

rhythm was in his blood at a very early age. He always had a passion for Salsa,

Merengue, and Rock in Spanish. This were only a few of the musical influences that he

had at the time. At the age of 13 he moved to the United States to join his family in

Chicago. After many years in Chicago, his 18 birthday turned his life around. He went

to the military to serve for four years. After many deployments and struggles his

military career ended and it was time for him to move on. At the time he thought he

was going to be a dentist, but after taking many courses in the field, he decided he

was going to follow his real passion; MUSIC. He followed his heart to the depths of

Electronic Music. along with his DJ career, he is also now a Recording and Live Sound and has a Music Producer Contract at his disposal.

Engineer. He graduated from one of Chicago’s top media and art schools. This sudden

move and drive for music changed his whole life. He has been a DJ for about 4 years

now and he has had many successful gigs in Chicago’s top clubs like Vision and Vlive,

just to name a few. He is very proud to have made his way into the Chicago House

scene, at a steady, but rising pace. His sets are a mix of love and energy. He does

not have a specific genre which he stands by, but being from Chicago, House Music is

a big influence. He likes to experiment and feel the crowd’s energy to guide his sets.

He is currently holding a new residency at JBar in Chicago. He has been concentrating in the

recent year on improving his production skills, and is hoping to release some

groovy tracks for the year 2012.


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