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Thank You For Being Alpha!

We would like to say thank you for coming back and supporting and helping us become the best promotional company in Chicago. We don’t make the party,  you do. That is the reason we love to give out free stuff to those who follow us.

Do You Like To Pregame Before An Epic Event?

Click the Coupon To RSVP A Party of 10 people.

Receive a Complementary Cocktail Shaker and Shot On The House!


Smoke Inside The Club

Are you sick of smoking outside in the rain, snow, hot or cold weather of Chicago? would you rather smoke inside the club and not harm other non smokers inside and still get your fix? Buy the new hottest Electronic Cigarettes that are becoming the new popular trend of smoking satisfaction.  Clearcig Brand is safer than cigarettes since they eliminate tar and other nasty chemicals found in cigarettes. Also with a variety of different flavors to match your cigarette of choice. Chances are you might quit smoking all together.  Be sure to Click The Coupon and Give us Your Contact information so they can send you information.


Be Alpha or Stay Home


Q: Why Are Featured Party Packages Free?
A: Alpha Entertainment's Job Is To Bring People, Who Want To Party, At The Clubs Every Weekend. We Have Great Free Party Packages As A Perk To The Customer, To Help Us Do Our Job.

Q: Do All Nightclubs Have Free Party Packages?
A: Only Some Nightclubs Have Free Party Packages Available Though Us At These Venues. We Like To Get You The Best Deals Available. Sign Up To Keep Updated With Events And Other Specials.

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