Starting out in Lafayette, IN, RetroPunk (Jed Wilkinson) began his career working the local bar and club scene under the name of DJ Cryptic. After gaining residencies at nearly every location possibly in the area (Hookah, Egyptian Cafe, Where Else?, Riehle Bros.) and guest appearances at other locations (Nicks, Riverside, The Muse), he began branching out to Indianapolis and Chicago. Success in Indy came through residencies at Level (formerly The Vault), The Ugly Monkey, and a summer guest residency the The Vogue (Indy’s #1 nightclub) with guest spots at Subterra, Therapy, Seven (currently Tru Nightclub), and a continued guest spot at The Vogue. In Chicago, he has had numerous guest spots including Mission, Warehouse, Ruby, Sky Bar, and most recently at Vision.

In early 2010, Jed decided to change his name from Cryptic to RetroPunk once he teamed up with fellow DJ and Producer Zack Naas (Naasty Z). The two have enjoyed an ongoing stream of success and continue to push the boundaries of their production to take over dance floors around the world!

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