Bobby Chicago

Robert Kurek aka Bobby Chicago grew up listening to House music before he really even knew what it was on late night radio. The radio was constantly on in his house, no matter what the time, which introduced him to everything from The Rat Pack to Depeche Mode to NWA. Being a fan of music he constantly explored different genres and developed his taste.

Becoming increasingly unhappy with radio, he started building his own collection of tracks and discovered he had a passion for sharing the music he loved with others. After teaching himself how to DJ, he began spinning at a local cafe called Illusion Café, and from there started getting gigs at some of Chicago’s south side clubs such as Red Velvet & Maxum Lounge.

Bobby Chicago is new in the Chicago scene and is a House DJ to the fullest. You can say he loves pushing the audience to experience songs that maybe they haven’t heard yet, or popular songs with a totally new twist. Starting out with a smooth sound to get you going, he loves getting into gritty electro bass lines that just keep you bouncing on the dance floor. The smoothness of his vibe makes him an asset as an opening DJ, and his gritty electro vibe can carry well into the night.

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