Alex Arroyo

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Alex Arroyo places his name as Chicago’s Nightlife “Go To Guy”. Being a Chicago nightclub promoter for around 8 years of networking. He started his own Chicago nightlife marketing company which is spreading quickly. Many promoters can care less about their clients, but Alex Arroyo actually cares about everyone’s needs. Alex Arroyo is a serial entrepreneur that believes that sharing wealth is more valuable than personal profit.  Always creating new money making opportunities for those who support the Alpha Entertainment team.

“Teamwork – A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of destruction.”

Alex Arroyo
Marketing Director, Owner


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A: Alpha Entertainment's Job Is To Bring People, Who Want To Party, At The Clubs Every Weekend. We Have Great Free Party Packages As A Perk To The Customer, To Help Us Do Our Job.

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